[SloContra] Contra dance tomorrow! September 10th

Chanel DeRosier chanel_lyon at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 12:57:17 MST 2022

Hello again everyone!
I hope to see you tomorrow evening for the first contra dance in a couple of years.  I'm eager to look into your smiling eyes and swing around the dance floor!

Just a couple of words on Covid requirements.

Please bring a KN95, N95 or KF95 mask.  I'll have some KN95 cone type masks at the door, so don't let not having a more robust mask in your arsenal stop you from attending.
With your consent, we'll start a roster of vaccinee status, to streamline following dances.  So be patient with us at the door this first time while we document.

Please bring your own snacks and drinks.  I do plan to reinstate our potlucks once Covid is farther in the rear-view mirror.  But for now, let's keep ourselves and our dance community safe by leaving masks on while indoors.
We will have the fans going and all the doors open.  Easy to step outside and get a drink between dances.

 I've heard rummer of some rain tomorrow (fingers crossed).  Hopefully we're in for cooler dancing conditions!!

Jean will be leading a walk-through of steps at 6:30. Any experienced dancers willing to show up to partner with newcomers would be most gratefully welcome!

I'm excited to hear some live music and dance to Foggy Bay String Band

If you have any questions, please call.



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